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Ukraine | Young Women in Tech

Stewart, B.
volunteer from Pennsylvania
in Ukraine
Student's in technology class

The goal of the Young Women in Tech Project (Young WIT) is to provide technical training and sessions geared toward female empowerment and leadership for young women between 15-18 years old. Various departments and faculties of a local university intend to organize a weekend training over three days in November in order to promote female leadership in what is a traditionally underrepresented field for women. As is the case in many countries, the technical fields (with the exception of sales representatives) are dominated and thereby largely influenced by men. There are many social components that play into this set of circumstances, but the Project has been designed to combat stereotypes that women either have no place in or simply don't pursue highly skilled technical careers. Offering trainings on technical skills in conjunction with educational sessions on female empowerment and leadership targeted at 25 10th and 11th-grade women, as well as university first-years, will not only create a common culture of female solidarity in the community, but also prepare the girls to be effective coders, designers, and leaders in their field. The local university will provide both the facilities and technology for the girls to participate, and several Ukrainian and international volunteers will contribute their time and knowledge to our educational sessions. The Project will culminate in the form of an official club where young women interested in STEM will gather under the supervision of a Ukrainian-staffed Leadership Committee to continue outreach, support, and engage in other STEM-based initiatives in the community.

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