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Nicaragua | Youth Boys Gender Equality Camp (CHACA) 2017

Perez-Torres, K.
volunteer from California
in Nicaragua

Building on the success of two previous camps, we are soliciting funds for Camp CHACA 2017, an evidence-based camp focused on gender equality education for young men ages 15-20. "CHACA," an abbreviation of "Chavalos A Caballeros"€ meaning "Boys to Gentlemen"€ embodies the primary purpose of the camp: empowering male youth to promote gender equality in their communities and become positive role models.

"Machismo," which roughly translates to "male chauvinism,"€ permeates Nicaraguan society. While most gender work focuses on female empowerment, evidence has shown that when young men are taught about gender equality, communication, and violence, there are long-term reductions in domestic abuse. We identify these motives to be a leading cause of change in the past and hope to build on moving forward.

A youth educator from a locally based NGO in Nicaragua, eight Peace Corps Volunteers, and eight Nicaraguan professionals will co-facilitate intensive educational workshops over five days, covering topics including self-esteem, violence and masculinity, and conflict resolution. 60 young men with leadership potential will be selected through an application process. After the camp concludes, youth are tasked with implementing their own projects that address gender inequality. Working together, our goal is that these young men will challenge discriminatory gender roles and become change agents throughout the country. The camp will take place July 11th -15th, 2017­. We have already raised $2,745.34 in the form of money, community time, and labor but we need support to reach the final amount of $6,921.40.

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