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Nicaragua | Let Girls Learn | Youth Girls Gender Equality Camp GLOW

Schrenk, K
volunteer from Illinois
in Nicaragua
Three girls and a Peace Corps Volunteer pose in front of a forrest.

Building on the success of four previous camps, we are moving forward with an evidence-based camp focused on gender equality education for girls ages 12-17. "€œGLOW," an abbreviation of "Girls Leading Our World," embodies the camp goal: empowering female youth to promote gender equality in their communities and become positive role models. "€œMachismo," which roughly translates to "€œmale chauvinism,"€ permeates Nicaraguan society. The national government recently passed Law 779 to tackle gender-based violence, but work remains to confront gender inequality within families and communities. Empowering Nicaraguan female youth to challenge existent social frameworks, exposing them to a wealth of opportunities, and capacitating them to create change in their communities, is essential to this strategy.

A youth educator from a locally based NGO in Nicaragua, eight Peace Corps Volunteers, and eight Nicaraguan professionals will co-facilitate intensive educational workshops over 5 days, covering topics including sexual reproductive health, power and relationships, and self-esteem. Young women from around the country will be trained to recognize gender-related barriers to a healthy lifestyle and equipped to confront those barriers by exercising leadership and communication skills.

60 young women with leadership potential will be selected through an application process. After the camp concludes, youth are tasked with implementing their own projects that address gender inequality. The camp will take place January 23rd-27th, 2017. Your support will make this camp a reality.

This project has been designed to expand access to education for girls in Nicaragua as part of the Let Girls Learn Program. Learn more at

Your contribution increases the impact of Ms. Schrenk, her fellow Peace Corps Volunteers, and their communities; and makes a brighter future possible for young women in Nicaragua.

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