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Strengthening English Skills at a Local High School

The summary below was provided by the Peace Corps Volunteer and the community administering this project.



Our aim is to construct a permanent library facility and audio visual room at a small municipal high school in the Philippines. The project will contain four stages. First, we will inform the community of the intended project. Second, we will get estimates on the total cost of the project. Third, we will begin work on securing counterpart contributions and outside grants. Fourth, once funding is secured, we will begin the construction phase of the library and AVR facility. The overall goal is to increase students' access to information and resources to allow them better opportunities for learning with an emphasis on English language, reading, and verbal skills. The building will consist of two rooms: one library and one AVR to aid students in their learning and provide access to practice materials and technology providing enhanced learning methods. The new building will replace the existing makeshift library in use by the school and will blend in with the rest of the school in terms of appearance and stability. The community will counterpart the project at 25% of the total cost. A local construction company will be hired to complete the project and local volunteers will be asked to assist where it is safe and helpful to do so.

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Project Details

Volunteer Coordinator
Dolce C. of VA
Project Number
Community Contribution
(25% of total budget)
Original Request
Funds Still Needed