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Construction of Junior High School Block

The summary below was provided by the Peace Corps Volunteer and the community administering this project.

Map of GHANA

Map of GHANA

Community members of my village believe the key to development is education; that without proper education, the community will not move forward. If you walk into the Junior High School, you will notice the 3 classrooms are over filled with students. With congested classrooms, learning is difficult and cheating is easy. You see teachers walking from the staff room (located outside beneath a tree due to a lack of a proper staff room) towards the classroom with little motivation. How are they to teach to 70 students? How will the students learn? How will the school succeed? By building an additional school block, many problems will be solved. Three additional classrooms will be constructed, as well as a staff room. The 3 classrooms will allow for the class sizes to reduce by half. Teachers will have a proper place to sit and grade homework and exams, free from the sun and rain.

The knowledge and skills of students will greatly improve; they will have a better relationship with their teachers. With the reduced class sizes, classroom management will be better for teachers, with increased motivation to assign homework and tests, thus allowing for better continuous assessment. Community members of the village are eager to start this project. They are eager for their children to learn and for their community to develop.

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Project Details

Volunteer Coordinator
Keeton J. of IA
Project Number
Community Contribution
(58% of total budget)
Original Request
Funds Still Needed