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Nursing School Tables and Chairs

The summary below was provided by the Peace Corps Volunteer and the community administering this project.



There are 311 health facilities in Dodoma region and over 90% are understaffed and lack basic health knowledge, particularly in HIV/AIDS. Our local School of Nursing is both a learning center for pre- and in-service nursing students and the headquarters for healthcare trainings for Dodoma and Singida region healthcare workers. The institution has about 300 students. Its mission is to provide an opportunity for healthcare workers to develop skills and knowledge relevant to the health field. Although a two-story, four-room building was provided by the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, there is no furniture in the classrooms currently. Given this problem, we would like funds to furnish the room appropriately. With the addition of desks and chairs teachers at the School of Nursing will have the basic set of materials necessary to educate students. Students will also have a learning environment that is conducive to successful education. Furthermore, the amount of health trainings (focusing on HIV/AIDS, PMTCT, ARVs, Nutrition and Counseling) will increase as teachers and outside resources will be more apt to use the space. The problem was first addressed during a Mirembe stiutational analysis in July 2012, and has since been continually addressed by the Nursing School administration and stakeholders in monthly work plan activities. In February 2013, a group was formed to find funding and resources to permanently equip the classrooms. The project will be implemented in December 2013 with a total project cost of 12,180,000Tsh ($7,472). From this cost the community contribution is 4,060,000Tsh ($2,490), and will be provided by a regional School of Nursing in invoice format. As this is a government institution there will be litle money from the budget to replace any broken furniture when need arises.

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Project Details

Volunteer Coordinator
O'Connor C. of PA
Project Number
Community Contribution
(24% of total budget)
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