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Girls' Leadership and Empowerment Camp

The summary below was provided by the Peace Corps Volunteer and the community administering this project.



The objective of this Girls' Leadership and Empowerment Camp is to encourage, support and inspire 40 highly achieving secondary school girls across central Senegal to be a catalyst for positive impact in their communities. Girls in Senegal are less likely to be empowered to excel as a result of the pressure stemming from gender inequality and various cultural norms (i.e. to marry early instead of continuing on to higher education). During the week-long camp, campers will participate in activities, workshops, discussion and games designed to empower the girls to be effective, knowledgeable, high-potential leaders. The camp will be an opportunity for the participants to realize they can be the change they desire to see in their environment. Campers will take part in variety of activities, workshops, and discussions during five theme days which include identity, health, environment, gender and futures. By the end of the week the girls will be able to assess and reevaluate their personal goals and issues facing their community while analyzing the best way to reach their maximum potential. During the week, various guest speakers will lead discussions so the girls have an opportunity to meet successful local women who contested the cultural norms and progressively thinking men who support such efforts for a better future for all. High achieving host country national counselors have volunteered to guide the campers through their processing of each session. By the end of the camp, the 40 young women will be encouraged to critically think, have increased self confidence and foster a support network to sustain the momentum forward towards gender equality in Senegal. This will be the fifth annual Girls' Leadership and Empowerment Camp with all participating communities reaping rewards from their girls returning home with increased awareness and higher capacity for leadership, hence the continuous support from all participating communities in the region.

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Uhlarik A. of TX
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(25% of total budget)
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